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Gary was born in Weymouth Street Watford, Hertfordshire.

His parents bought him his first guitar when he was 11 years old after being unable to watch him pose with an old violin anymore. 

It was the early 70's and influences ranged from glam rock, especially Marc Bolan & T.Rex, & David Bowie, The Beatles,

The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and numerous other artists from the 50's 60's, all proving to be very influential.

Gary had his first experience playing live aged 15 in the music lounge of a popular North Watford pub - a place of musicians from the local area and on occasion celebrity.

This was a real eye opener for a young Gary and especially after befriending renown guitarist and great all round multi-instrumentalist Ollie Halsall who at the time was the guitarist for Gary Glitter and the Glitter Band. He also became friends with the Glitter bands saxophonist Harvey Ellison and their Drummer Tony Leonard, and they would often refer to Gary as the wandering minstrel due to him walking from his parents' home to the pub and then back again.

In 1978 at the age of 17 he formed his first band.

Recruiting Pete Appleford on guitar, Steve Jenner on guitar, Nigel Gathard on bass guitar and Martin Haines on drums, Streetboy was born.

They signed to Private Stock Records and released two singles, the first was a 3 track maxi single that got into the top 100 reaching a humble 68 in the charts. 

They appeared on BBC's Top of the Pops and Granada TV's Get it Together. Unfortunately due to musical differences the band broke up. 

Gary formed mod revival band the Choice along with original Streetboy guitarist Pete Appleford and new members Dave West on bass guitar and Paul Brewster on drums. 

They recorded a few demos, and toured Portugal and Germany but having failed to achieve any success, decided to follow their own musical paths.

Gary has been in numerous bands over the years and has worked as a session vocalist, guitarist for producer Paul Mex collaborated with songwriters and musicians and various other projects.

Gary now performs as a solo artist covering songs from the 50's 60's 70's to the modern day as well as writing and recording original material at his own music production facility SPR Studios.


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